Step Out of Your Story

Tonight is a full moon, a ‘super’ moon in fact. I can see the moon because I am in Petaluma, California the land of clear skies and sun. Petaluma is also the location of my chosen teacher(s) at the Strozzi Institute.

Tonight I had Strozzi Bodywork by one of my teachers who has an amazing ability to relate to me, believe in me and be just the right container to draw me out, literally out of my story.

Tonight I realized that I exist outside of the two dimensional world that I have created for myself in my mind. I exist in three dimensions, the body of me has mass, and it is palpable. I realized that I have been a story that I was telling instead of a living person. Tonight, I stepped out into freedom, into my livingness unconstrained by the boundaries I held for myself by the way I constructed the world in my mind.

For those of you that are curious, I know that I have mass when I weigh myself and feel the circumference of my arms, legs and torso. And within the form of my body, there is a way in which I recede from the boundaries of my flesh and live inside a smaller version of myself, as if I am still 6 on the inside and that is the capacity I allow myself to live within. After tonight, I now know how to access more range of self. In this I feel more grounded and able to access my gifts, my inner critic is quiet, and I move with grace.

Strozzi Bodywork is a combination of various body oriented mediums including: Feldenkreis (slow movement to reintroduce body parts to the mind), Rolfing (deep connection through unsticking fascia and muscles to increase fluid movement), Breath Work (various influences, addressing the connection to our breath and ability to feel our life), Polarity Therapy (moving stagnated energy to create a new sense of internal awareness and capacity) and Somatics (creating connection between the nervous system and the mind to shed light on what is tense and what is relaxed in the body). All of these modalities have foundations in the work of Wilhelm Reich. Strozzi Bodywork brings attention to our true capacity, our body, and helps us feel what it is like to be fully within our physical structure and experience our aliveness.

This is powerful work that can bring forward emotions and sensations that have been long blocked off because at the time they occurred there was no help, no capacity and no outlet for their expression. It is scary and freeing to experience long held blocks and realize that we have been limiting our capacity through thinking we are the story we create in our minds, when really we are so much more.

Strozzi Bodywork is based on trust between the practitioner and the client. Through this relationship, the client is able to connect to their body. I have been receiving this type of body work consistently for three years now and have seen and felt amazing results:

  • A rise in frequency of moving gracefully through change and transition,
  • An increase in my ability to predict and sense my triggers,
  • An exponential growth in my belief, value and confidence in myself,
  • And, a calmness and greater capacity to be and stay in connection with others and connected to myself, especially when emotions peek.

As I reflect on my path I wonder how I could lie on a table, fully clothed, be touched at various pressure points on the back of the neck, the hand, shoulder, shin, be asked to breathe deeply and rhythmically, and then after a short period of time (less than a massage) get off the table and feel, look, be a newer improved version of myself. And I see this same transformation in colleagues, clients and friends who have experienced this work.

As I move toward the future I choose, I am no longer a prisoner of my inner critic. That internal story that has helped me to survive until now is not useful to me anymore. In connecting purposely and deeply with my body, I can listen to a new voice.

If you would like to step out of your story and into a fuller, more capable, confident, satisfied version of yourself, invite perspective, and a body/mind upgrade! Say ‘YES’ to the life you desire!

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