All the Way

I wonder,

how far can I take you?

Because I want to go all the way.

I am not sure where all the way is.

I am not sure if I will know it when I get there.

I only know this longing inside me to do it,

to go all the way.


When I ask you how far you want to go,

Do feel it too?

That desire, to go as far as you can into this richness we call life.

All the pain, as much as I can take.

And all the sorrow.

The joy, the anger.

To feel fully that no stone is left unturned.

No person unworthy of my empathy.

No wild area unprotected.


If you want to come,

all the way that is,

the risk to you is great.

As you don’t know who you will be when you arrive.

And if that feels exciting to you,

to let go of who you are

in order to become who you long to be,

then you are ready

you may have even begun the journey.



The Bud Within

I can see it,

the bud of possibility within you,

even if you cannot.


This passion from your depths, and our collective history,

wrestles with the beast of normalcy.


Lochness calls you

from the lake shore where you built your home.


Moving into the future is death to comfort.

Yet comfort is death to the soul.


Which will you choose?

I see the bud within you.

It needs water.